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Dear customers, scientific and business partners,

First and foremost, on behalf of Acumen Research Laboratories (ARL), thank you for supporting our company’s research efforts and implementations. We have been able to deliver our promises only because of the trust and confidence of our valued customers, alliances with first-class scientific and business partners, and the excellent and committed efforts of our employees.

ARL is an innovation-driven Contract Research Organization (CRO) in biomedical sciences, addressing imperative research and development (R&D) needs in the pharmaceutical industry, with the aim of enriching its pipeline of new medicines and biomedical products. We recognize and understand the key changes that are going on in the business models of pharmaceutical companies. These include reducing R&D costs, increasing innovation and productivity, furthering globalization to bring in talents and markets, and shifting from blockbuster products to personalized medicines.

Our core competency is in translational research for pre-clinical drug discovery and development for cancer treatment, ARL offers R&D services in early-stage discovery, involving target identification, validation, and assay development. We also dwell on biomarker discovery and companion diagnostics development to help pharmaceutical companies come up with the right drug targets that will lead to successful products for their customers. By focusing on the early-stage discovery, ARL has been able to differentiate its services and complement those offered by other companies in Asia’s CRO ecosystem.

Through strategic alliances with global partners and first-class scientific input from premiere academic institutions, we have been able to access the right resources and talent necessary to deliver cost-effective and high-quality R&D work for our customers.

Based in Singapore, a country with strong regulatory overview of intellectual property rights, ARL can assure that confidential information and trade secrets are safe in our hands and the interest of our customers are well protected. Customers are also assured that we will uphold the highest ethical standards in our business practices.

ARL is committed to remain a competitive force in the marketplace on the basis of quality, innovation, intellectual property rights protection, service values, reputation, corporate governance, as well as excellence in management and strategic business relations. We will strive to benefit patients, clients, partners, employees, shareholders and the society in general through meaningful scientific impact, strategic leadership, excellence and commercial success. 

Sincerely yours,

Siew Hwa ONG, PhD
Director and Chief Scientist

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