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  Standard Cell and Molecular

ARL provides a comprehensive range of standard cell and molecular biology work to offer a more complete solution for your research needs. Functioning as a central laboratory, ARL provides cost-effective R&D services for customers. ARL believes that effective and well-managed outsourcing has tremendous value in allowing customers to focus on essential core functions internal in their organizations, move up the value chain in their workflows and increase overall productivity.

Standard Cell Biology Work
  • Cell line construction and engineering, confirmation by gene or protein expression studies (gene overexpression / RNAi knockdown / hybridomas)

  • Derivation of primary cancer cells from tumours

  • Custom cell line services: bulk cultures, banking, mycoplasma testing

  • Proteomics (protein complex studies, enzyme substrate identification and validation)

  • Protein expression: using various expression and purification systems; functional validation of proteins as per specified by clients

Standard Molecular Biology Work

  • Molecular cloning (cDNA, shRNA; various vectors available)

  • DNA preparation and manipulation: mutagenesis, deletion / insertion / fusion / reporter constructs; functional validation as per criteria specified by clients

  • Antibody generation and testing (polyclonal, monoclonal; western blotting, ELISA, IHC, FACS, high-content imaging) as per criteria specified by clients

  • Validation of reagents / protocols eg. siRNA knockdown efficiency, activity of mutated genes

  • Genomics (cDNA, mRNA, microRNA expression profiling; qPCR, bDNA)

  • Epigenomics (DNA methylation, chIP-chip, chIP-PCR, chIP-sequencing)

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